Shipping containers will be used for affordable Dallas housing project

Dallas is looking for ways to make housing more affordable to everyone, and for this, the city will be using shipping containers in its newest project.
The masterminds behind the project are Merriman Anderson/Architects and they have designed the containers which will be placed on South Malcolm X Boulevard. The Lomax Container Housing Project is made entirely out of 300-square-foot shipping containers and is comprised of 19, one-bedroom units that also include a bathroom and a kitchen.
The price of one apartment will start at $906 per month, and the price also includes utilities. The project’s focus will be on those who earn 60% or less of the area’s average income, and in the future, the city hopes to extrapolate this project.
The end goal is to build a community that is comprised of 100-130 units, all in the affordable housing sector and spread across Dallas.
CitySquare Housing who is the non-profit that initiated this plan hopes to reduce homelessness this way and build as many small and affordable housing communities as the city needs to combat poverty.

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  1. Yolanda Nicole Sadler says:

    I myneself would be very Specific Thanks if myself could accompany one of this own. I know I’ve been home since birth but homeless since 12 years olding. I really feel as if I deserve a place of my owning and or one to rent until thee light of GoD shows different. Thanking and creating .

  2. Latoya Morrison says:

    Hi my name is Latoya Morrison and I am a single parent of 3….Me and my 2 youngest children need a place to stay ASAP

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