Single man who grew up in foster care adopts 3 boys

Barry Farmer was experiencing an existential crisis in his early 20s, feeling lost and without a clear path. As he was trying to figure out his way in life, he spotted an ad that was looking for foster parents and he applied.

As he was as well a child who grew up in foster care, he knew the pains of such a life and the importance of having a role model while growing up.
This was the start of him becoming a dad to 3 sons before his 30th birthday. After his application, and an interview with the program’s director, he got licensed as a foster parent.

His first foster placement was a 16-year-old and soon after that, he received the call that would change his life forever. He received in foster care a 7-year-old boy, called Jaxton, and the two formed a close connection very quickly.

When Jaxton got adopted by another family, Farmer started missing him a lot and when Jaxton ended back in foster care, he decided to adopt him. Soon after this, Farmer decided to adopt another boy, Xavier, and give Jaxton the large family he wished for.
When the foster agency contacted Farmer once again, in regards to a 4-year-old boy, Jeremiah, the man was unsure about what would the right decision be. But after carefully considering the boy’s options, Farmer decided once again to open his home and offer Jeremiah a forever home as well.

He is now, at 30 years old, a proud father of 3 boys and a huge advocate of the foster and adoption programs.

Growing up, Barry Farmer’s grandmother raised him through kinship foster care. Her selflessness inspired Farmer to become a foster parent then adoptive parent.

Almost immediately after son Jaxon was adopted, he asked dad Barry Farmer if he was going to have a younger sibling.


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