Snapdragon Flowers are Beautiful, But They Turn to Skulls When They Die

Snapdragon flowers have a very peculiar feature that comes alive only when they die. They are also known as Antirrhinum and come in soft pink colors. Their beautiful petals offer a stunning view once they bloom, but when they die they start resembling skulls.
The snapdragon turns into something really scary, so it might be a good idea to keep it away from children or special occasions. And to make it look even scarier, once you squeeze the dead flower between your fingertips, the skull will open its mouth.
The Snapdragon is most common in the rocky areas of the US, Europe and North Africa and they come in variations of pink, from lavender to burgundy. Ancient cultures thought that Snapdragon brings good luck to people and that they contribute to beauty and long life. A big advantage of these flowers is that they require very little care and will thrive in sunlight and damp soil.

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