Stacked Planters For Your Home Sweet Home

stacked-planters -Home-Sweet-Home

With a few steps you can transform boring pots into a sweet vertical garden. In the following lines I will show you how to decorate your home entrance with wonderful and creative stacked planters, having a lovely true message: “Home Sweet Home”. It is very simple. All you need are a few things like pots, paint, paper, cutter and some plants and flowers. In the image above you can see the steps and how they will look.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 3 terra cotta / plastic pots – 1 of each large, medium, and small
  • Tray, for water drainage
  • Outdoor paint – choose any color(s) you wish – Note: glossy gives it a more modern look.
  • 2 paint brushes for the painting
  • Plants and flowers

5 Responses to “Stacked Planters For Your Home Sweet Home”

  1. Val says:

    Do you use glue?? What kind?? how do you stack them in the pots?? How much dirt?


  2. Mellissah says:

    Where do you get the labels Home Sweet Hone

  3. Princetta says:

    Do u use glue??and what kind??

  4. Sharon Neumann says:

    I can’t find on here the directions for making these pots

  5. [email protected] hurst says:

    How can I purchase the succulents like you used in the other planter?

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