Startup Creates LEGO-Like Bricks That Can Affordably Remove Carbon Dioxide From the Air

Graphyte, a startup specializing in climate change solutions, has developed an innovative method to combat carbon emissions using LEGO-like bricks. These bricks, made from dried biomass, provide a nearly permanent solution for carbon sequestration. By eliminating microbes and water, which are essential for decomposition, Graphyte ensures that the carbon captured in plant matter is preserved rather than released back into the atmosphere. The company collects agricultural and timber industry by-products, dries them to halt the microbial activity, compacts the biomass into dense blocks, and seals them with an impermeable barrier. Each brick is then buried underground and monitored with sensors, offering an efficient and cost-effective means to lock away carbon. This method is notably more affordable than other carbon removal processes, costing under $100 per ton of CO2 compared to the $600-$1,200 per ton typical of other methods.

Graphyte’s approach not only provides a practical carbon sequestration solution but also integrates seamlessly into existing land use practices. The buried bricks do not interfere with the land above, which can still be used for solar farms or agricultural purposes. This innovation highlights the potential for scalable, long-term carbon removal strategies that complement aggressive emissions reduction efforts. Graphyte emphasizes that their technology is a supplementary measure, necessary to meet the substantial carbon removal targets outlined by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. By demonstrating how responsible partnerships and innovative thinking can contribute to climate action, Graphyte offers a hopeful path forward in the global effort to mitigate climate change.

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