Cyclist Bikes Hundreds of Miles to Sketch Elaborate Drawings Using GPS Routes

Strava is the preferred app for most cyclists and runners, as they can track their performance, share it with others and build a community of like-minded peers. But the pandemic has brought some new uses of Strava, and with all the free time, users became more and more creative and started creating patterns while running and tracing their moves with the help of GPS.

This way, many of the runners had at the end of the run a nice pattern drawn on their running map, as they tried to keep up with Strava trends.
Pete Stokes is an Australian cyclist who is also a Strava user and started creating the most amazing patterns on the app while also working out.
He managed to build an impressive portfolio of living and imaginary creatures, all while cycling and leaving his footprint on the Strava map.
Some of his works are truly intricate, as he managed to sketch foxes, dragons, and even Ludwig van Beethoven himself.
You can see his creative works either by following him on Strava or by visiting his Instagram account where he proudly showcases his creations.

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