Strawberry Rose Bouquet Tutorial


When you first see this, you would think what a beautiful bouquet of roses. But actually it’s one made out of strawberry! The skills necessary for doing these tasty works of art are not that hard. It’s challenging, for sure, but not impossible, and it only takes a knife and a steady hand. The picture speaks for itself and not much can be said about the necessary steps. Start with the sidesand carefully work your way towards the middle. The cuts shouldn’t be made all the way through the fruit, obviously. Needles to say you need a sharp knife for this and a bunch of skewers. Leave the leaves on the strawberry before doing the actual work. They are perfect for a romantic breakfast or even dinner. With a bowl of chocolate next to this `vase`, the night could be the most delicious you might ever experience. So don’t look for any other tricks for setting the table or decorating the plates of food. This is all the DIY magic you need!


Video tutorial: Strawberry Rose Tutorial


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