Street Art Festival Breathes New Life Into Semi-Abandoned Italian Town

Italy has long grappled with population decline, leading to many small towns becoming ghost towns. However, Civitacampomarano, a tiny village in the Molise region, has found a unique solution to this problem through the CVTà Street Fest. For the past nine years, this festival has rejuvenated the once-depopulated area by attracting artists worldwide. Founded by artist Alice Pasquini, who has familial ties to the town, the event showcases public art highlighting the village’s beauty. This year, four artists contributed to the more than 70 pieces of public art created since 2016, with the local community actively supporting the festival. The influx of visitors and vibrant artworks has significantly increased the town’s visibility, breathing new life into its cobbled streets and historic buildings.
The festival’s latest edition featured a range of captivating artworks.

British duo Snik’s tribute to Civitacampomarano’s resilient citizens transformed a house’s exterior with a portrait of a woman crowned with flowers, symbolizing the harmony between humans and nature. Dimitris Trimintzios, or TAXIS, completed a striking mural of a girl in a landscape, perfectly blending with the hilltop setting and enhancing the town’s scenic views. Spanish artist Octavi Serra’s clever installations encouraged visitors to reflect on their environment, adding an interactive and thought-provoking dimension to the festival. Additionally, Anders Gjennsted continued his series, A Tale of Two, with a touching depiction of two figures embracing, exploring themes of affection and acceptance. Gjennsted also adhered to the tradition of painting on an abandoned door, leaving a lasting impression on the village’s historical fabric. These diverse contributions underscore the festival’s role in revitalizing Civitacampomarano, transforming it from a ghost town into a vibrant hub of creativity and community.

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