This Street Artist Transforms Cement Blocks into Amazing Illusions

Illusion art is great, as the possibilities it offers are endless and Portuguese artist, Odeith is a master at it. He uses spray paint to create his works and concrete blocks as a medium, and the results are stunning visual pieces that come to life right before the viewer’s eyes.
His latest work is a mind-bending illusion in which he transformed a cement block into an abandoned school bus and it became viral on the Internet in no time. Odeith’s work looks so real that taken out of context and placed on the street, passers-by would have a hard time telling if it is a real bus or not. Creating illusion art requires a lot of technical knowledge and it is most commonly a choice of graffiti artists, who are used to placing their works in a natural environment or incorporating them in urban areas.
Odeith documented the process of creating the school bus and step by step photos show the preparations needed before the work, such as adding outlines and mark points. Once these are set and followed when starting to spray paint, the 3D bus starts taking shape and emerges from the concrete block.

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