Stunning Log Homes designed by Pioneer Log Homes of British Columbia


If you’re in search of a great log home, where you could spend unforgettable vacations with your friends and family, this next one might be what you’re looking for. The home was designed by Pioneer Log Homes, a builder from Williams Lake, British Columbia, Canada. They specialize in log home and started their business in 1973, so they are quite experienced in this area. The log home is located in a beautiful place, being surrounded by nature and the front porch has a view on the lake. The outside just blends in perfectly with this amazing location and the inside has all the features one might look for. The cedar wood and stones used in the building of this log home are all high quality and long-lasting, so buying this beautiful vacation house would be a great investment.






Pioneer Log Homes of British Columbia
351 Hodgson Road
Williams Lake, BC
Canada V2G 3P7

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  1. Shawn says:

    Wow amazing

  2. maya tannoury says:

    this is an amazing room!!!!!! she’s so beautiful
    i like it so much

  3. maya tannoury says:

    i adore it

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