Super Easy Homemade Flubber Recipe


If you loved the movie Flubber with Robin Williams, then you are going to love this next project too. You can learn how to make your own Flubber, which is a very funny toy that appeals mostly to children. You can usually find it at toy stores, but if you want to try a fun project with your children you can make Flubber at home. your kids are going to love this quirky toy and play with it all day long. To make this toy, you will need: Elmers Glue, water, Borax, hot water and food coloring. Let your child choose the color of the Flubber and mix together the ingredients by following the instructions on the link below. Once you are done, let your children give all sorts of shapes to this new toy and you can even create several Flubber blobs all with different colors. Just be careful you child doesn’t put the toy in his/her mouth (it contains Borax) and everything will be fine.


Homemade Flubber For Kids – recipe here…

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  1. karenza says:

    I think this is a great idea if u are concerne about borax please get another parent to look after your kids as four u can’t do the job its not about the toxin its about being a good parent to keep your child safe so please peaple grow up there are so many kids stuff that’s toxin I can’t beleve u are so small thanx for the recipe u go girl

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