7,000-Year-Old Canoes Discovered Near Rome Are Oldest Ever Found in Mediterranean

The recent revelation of 7,000-year-old canoes discovered near Rome, within the submerged ancient village of La Marmotta, has ignited a new wave of fascination among archaeologists and historians alike. The unearthing of these ancient vessels, meticulously crafted from single tree trunks using primitive tools and methods, provides profound insights into the maritime capabilities of Neolithic […]

Ancient Hazelnuts are Being Used by Archaeologists to Reconstruct Prehistoric Woodlands

Archaeologists are delving into the depths of prehistory with an unlikely tool: ancient hazelnuts. A team from Oxford University has pioneered a method to glean insights into prehistoric woodlands by analyzing well-preserved hazelnut shells. By examining the carbon quantities within these shells, scientists can unravel the mysteries of ancient habitats. The research not only reveals […]

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