Seashell Angel Christmas Ornaments

These pretty seashell angel ornaments measure approx. 8cm (3 inches) long by 8cm (3 inches) across. No two angels can be exactly the same, as no two seashells are ever the same. If you like a Rustic Look, these are the Angels for you! You can find these here…

Cake Ball Trees for Christmas

Make this beautiful AND edible centerpiece for your Christmas party! This cake pop Christmas cake is so fun! Kids and adults will love it.

How cute are these Wooden gifts? Perfect for your front porch!

This is a GREAT project if you have scrap wood laying around. You can use spray paint in Christmasy colors — red, green and black. You can make the colors work for your decor! How cute are these Wooden gifts? Perfect for your front porch!

Christmas Fun Food Ideas in 2021

Christmas is just around the corner so why not prepare a dashboard full of tasty recipes to try this year. Whether you see your pre-Christmas days cooking intensely in the kitchen or making a DIY project with your children, you’ll find a lot of great ideas here to look forward to.

DIY Christmas Snowman Decoration Outdoor Garage Door

Here’s a cute idea for people who have a white garage door. This KIT will be applied on the garage door and the result will be a cute snowman. Get the decals HERE…

Christmas Horse Wreath

Absolutely wonderful. The details are perfect. Christmas Horse and Cow Wreaths. Decorate your home with a beautiful and unique wreath! Pick your preferred shape! They are designed for outdoor or indoor use. They are perfectly sized to hang on a door. They are made from artificial ...

Awesome Teacup Mini Gardens

Teacup gardens might be your next hobby, and this next collection of ideas will inspire you to create one as soon as possible. Tiny teacup gardens are the cutest new trend and can make great decorations if you want to create a small green corner in your home.

Try these Cute Christmas Rock Painting ideas for Kids

With a bit of creativity you can make some cute Christmas rocks. What you need for this DIY-project is some paint and a brush. For more inspiration you can read a special book “Rock Painting Fun for Everyone!” by Lin Wellford. Lin Wellford has introduced thousands to the art of ...

Cardboard Fireplace DIY for Christmas

No place to hang your stockings or Christmas decor? DIY a faux firplace with cardboard! Start with four cardboard display boards. I think this is a great idea and the kids will enjoy it. What do you think? How-to here:
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