Edmonton Christmas Tree Rental: a Sustainable Alternative to Traditional Christmas Trees

In Edmonton, Alberta, a unique holiday trend is gaining popularity as Farlinger Farms in Strathcona County offers an environmentally conscious alternative to traditional Christmas tree options. For the second consecutive year, the farm is providing residents with the opportunity to rent living Christmas trees for $50, mitigating the guilt associated with the traditional fate of cut trees—being discarded in landfills after the holiday season. Mike Farlinger, the owner of Farlinger Farms, emphasizes the sustainability aspect of the initiative, stating that these are live Christmas trees that can be rented out year after year, contributing to the reduction of Christmas tree waste in landfills.

The rental process involves taking home a living tree with a fabric pot and soil, allowing individuals to keep it as a house plant for up to 24 days. Rather than searching for the perfect tree to cut down or buy from a lot, people can now embrace a more eco-friendly and temporary approach to holiday decorations. In its second year, the program has already seen significant interest, with approximately 70 trees rented out so far in the current season. Farlinger Farms’ initiative not only offers a sustainable alternative but also highlights the growing awareness and desire among consumers to make environmentally responsible choices during the festive season. Hopefully, more cities around the world will start embracing similar sustainable Christmas initiatives.

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