Turn A Broken Flower Pot Into A Cute Fairy Planter

A new trend in gardening has plant aficionados creating all sorts of creative flower arrangements and broken pot fairy gardens, proving that even a shattered flower pot can be useful and beautiful. The next DIY video tutorial demonstrates just how simple and fun it can be to transform ...

Dump Truck Lamp

How about this Dump Truck Lamp? Take a look at these dump truck lamp ideas. Here you see magnificent examples, created by professional designers. You can make an adorable DIY construction dump truck lamp that will look great in any room, find the truck HERE, or you can buy one.

Cardboard Fireplace DIY for Christmas

No place to hang your stockings or Christmas decor? DIY a faux firplace with cardboard! Start with four cardboard display boards. I think this is a great idea and the kids will enjoy it. What do you think? How-to here:

How to Make a Beverage Dispenser

You’ve probably seen in bars table with beverages dispensers. They look pretty cool and give a unique feeling to those bars. How would you like to make your own beverages dispenser at home for your in-house bar? It is not that hard to make and you can present it to your friends ...

Brilliant Ways To Use Five Gallon Buckets

A five gallon bucket may seem like a simple and plain piece of plastic or metal. Truth be told, this item can be transformed in a lot of other creative stuff, useful stuff! Just take a look at what the DIY world has managed to come up with. From toilet stool to manual washing machine, ...

DIY Easy Craft: Cardboard and Burnt Matches

This DIY is easy, simple, and so affordable. Add a natural element to any space with this DIY burnt match wall art. You’ll need a cardboard, matches, and glue around the house… What do you think?

Build Your Own Backyard Smoker – DIY

Having a smokehouse in the backyard can be a real advantage, as you can have freshly smoked meat and even preserve food at any time.

How To Make Crochet Slippers With Flip Flop Soles

Looking for a nice pair of shoes to wear during the summer? The following crocheted slippers allow you to have the required air in the upcoming hot months as well as be a soft touch to the naked foot, thanks to the cotton yarn. In the next tutorial, you will learn how to crochet slippers ...

DIY Bird Homes

Are you looking for fun outdoor projects to try out with your kids? Here is a really cute one, called DIY bird homes. What makes these bird homes so cute is that they resemble bees and you can personalize them any way you want to. To make this project you are going to need: tin cans, ...
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