Couple Turned an ‘Uninhabitable’ Cabin in Upstate New York Into a Dreamy Airbnb Rental

Gemma and Nick Warren, a couple originally from the UK now residing in Tulum, Mexico, purchased a 296-square-foot cabin in the Catskill Mountains, New York, for $85,000 in December 2021. Despite lacking a bathroom and heating, Gemma saw the potential in the cabin and, over three months, they transformed it from an uninhabitable space to a stylish weekend escape listed on Airbnb. The renovation cost $50,000 and involved collaboration with local contractors and some DIY work.
The cabin is picturesque, surrounded by a creek and nestled in three acres of meadow with mountain views. The couple painted the cabin black, installed a driveway, and added a floating deck above the creek, creating a cozy spot for relaxation. Overcoming challenges like the absence of heating in the winter, they installed electric heating to make the cabin comfortable year-round.

The interior of the cabin was carefully designed to maximize space and comfort. They painted the interior white for a bright and airy feel, replaced furniture with bespoke pieces from small businesses, and extended the loft to accommodate a queen bed with a memory foam mattress. They opted for an incineration toilet to address the lack of a septic tank and added a stylish shower with blue tiles and brass fittings. The cabin features handmade maple top cabinets and a tiny kitchen flooded with natural light. The couple also created a sunroom as an add-on, enhancing the overall charm of the space. Now a dreamy retreat, the cabin offers a magical experience, especially when adorned with string lights at night.

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