Wine Bottle Lighthouse

LED solar wine bottle lighthouse for your garden beauty. Bright and cheerful. Really a pretty addition to any flower bed or garden. These are handmade and are available in the below…


How to make wildly popular Christmas light balls! Using chicken wire and string lights, you can add DIY light balls to your outdoor Christmas decorations! These incredibly popular Christmas light balls are surprisingly easy to make with just a few supplies!

Amazing Solar Powered Flower Lights

If you want to make your garden colorful, these unique solar lights will bring you the solar garden light decoration solution. Decorate your yard with this solar light set. The set comes with Purple and White lily lights with 7 color changing LEDs.

DIY Project: Light Up Your Party with LED Balloons

We all want a nicely decor for the event we organize and achieving this kind of a result will need a bit of preparation. But preparing for a party can be the hardest thing to do or the easiest. The choice it’s entirely up to you! Opting for the easy road, you will have to resort ...

Bathroom Colour Changing LED Chrome Shower Head Light

If you want to have something special in the bathroom, now’s your chance to make a colorful shower. How ? It’s easy …. Replace your existing shower head with the LED Colour changing Shower Head ! Silver shower head looks like a usual shower head but once you turn ...

The Glassbulb Lamp – Imagination has no limits !

The Glassbulb Lamp by OOOMS is a lamp shaped like a wineglass. This atmospheric lamp is the perfect lighting for those long romantic evenings accompanied by a nice Bordeaux. The LED’s inside will shine for over 20.000 hours, so that’s around 10 years of romance at night!
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