Bathroom Colour Changing LED Chrome Shower Head Light

If you want to have something special in the bathroom, now’s your chance to make a colorful shower. How ? It’s easy …. Replace your existing shower head with the LED Colour changing Shower Head ! Silver shower head looks like a usual shower head but once you turn the water on changes colour according to the temperature. Great novelty for all shower lovers. Although colorful glowing water is an entertaining, relaxing and refreshing novelty for your bathroom, it’s also a great safety feature for children.

Technical Details

  • No batteries or wire needed as self powered by force of running water
  • Showerhead changes color of the water using built-in LEDs
  • The standard shower head handle fits most standard shower hoses
  • Made of chrome-plated resin
  • Will fit most hand-held shower heads and installation couldn’t be easier and safe to use

Find pleasure to make a colorful shower with LED Shower Head presented by Goods Home Design

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