Study Finds ‘Rollie Pollies’ Remove Heavy Metals From Soil, Stabilizing Growing Conditions, Protecting Groundwater

“Rollie pollies” or pill bugs are tiny bugs that hide in your garden and curl up into a ball when they sense danger. Not a lot is known about these tiny creatures, but one thing is sure: they are no threat to you and can even have a great impact on the environment.

How To Build A Herb Spiral

These days, I saw that many people who seemed to be interested in herb spirals, so, if done properly, they need little maintenance and can keep the herbs all around the year. Basically, the idea behind them is to get in a confined area as many different herbs as possible. The spiral ...

Awareness on Soil Erosion

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); An excellent example of the role plants play in keeping our soil intact and even clean of impurities. This simple experiment shows the importance of trees as a part of our environment. The water that runs through soil with ...
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