90-Year-Old Becomes Oldest Person to Earn Master’s Degree From University

Minnie Payne’s educational journey is a testament to the idea that learning knows no age limit. Returning to the classroom at the age of 68 after a fulfilling career, Payne defied conventional timelines to achieve her dream of obtaining a college degree. Her determination did ...

Take a Look Inside a 3D-Printed Tiny Home Being Built to Help Address LA’s Housing Crisis

In response to the ongoing housing crisis in Los Angeles, a groundbreaking initiative is underway as students and faculty from Woodbury University School of Architecture leverage 3D printing technology to construct a tiny home. The innovative project, named the Solar Futures House, ...

Colossal Creatures Made From Rice Straw

The Wara Art Festival takes places each year in Niigita, Japan and it is an homage to straw installations. The main attraction of this festival are the straw large straw scuptures hich are made out of „wara”, the leftover rice-straw.
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