Study Shows African Psychedelic Plant Ibogaine Treats Traumatic Brain Injury in Vets With ‘Dramatic’ Results

A groundbreaking study reveals that ibogaine, a naturally occurring compound found in the roots of the African shrub iboga, has shown significant promise in treating traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) in military veterans. The psychedelic plant compound, traditionally used in Africa ...

A resort will now be used to house homeless veterans

A new center for homeless veterans has opened recently on the Central Coast in Santa Cruz County. The resort was rented to the county’s Veteran’s Memorial Building Trustees and is located close to Highway 9, in Ben Lomond.

Texas Students Build Tiny Homes For Homeless Veterans

Students at a Texas high school recently completed construction of their second tiny home, which will be donated to a homeless military veteran. Teens at Kingwood Park High School unveiled the house Monday, the latest structure from the Students Helping Veterans program.
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