A resort will now be used to house homeless veterans

A new center for homeless veterans has opened recently on the Central Coast in Santa Cruz County. The resort was rented to the county’s Veteran’s Memorial Building Trustees and is located close to Highway 9, in Ben Lomond.

Veterans who have been homeless for a long time can now find a home for themselves in the resort, many of them battling depression and previously struggling with suicidal thoughts.

The resort provides affordable housing for those in need, and the county has been handing out housing vouchers with the help of NGOs like Housing Matters.
The newly opened veteran’s village has 10 cabins and an office where assistance can be offered to the residents. The capacity of the resort is 18 veterans, but the city has plans to open more tiny communities like this soon.
There is still an urgent need for funding, and the next threshold to be reached by the associations involved is $75,000.
Of course, anyone from the community can contribute as the resort is open to donations, and this is a great opportunity to make a difference in the lives of those in need.

“I was ready for suicide. I was ready to check out,” said Air Force veteran Darren Barthl fighting back tears.

Barthl found hope after suffering through personal disappointment and physical injuries.

He was living in the Benchlands but is now one of a handful of vets housed at Jaye’s Timberland Resort.

“Me and my buddy David kind of made it. We were the two that kind of pushed it that said we could do this,” Barthl said.

The property has 10 cabins, a four-bedroom three-bath home and an office that will provide services for veterans.


“So, obviously there’s a lot of hurdles to get to the point of opening. Ideally, we’d like to open with that 18, and continue to develop the property to house a few more veterans on top of that,” said Chris Cottingham, executive director of the Santa Cruz County Veterans Memorial Building of Trustees.


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