Couple paid $5,000 for this house

Keeping a home renovation on a budget is very hard, as a lot of unexpected costs might arise on the way. But since some people upcycle houses for a living, they can also share a lot of useful tips and tricks on how to keep your expenses low.

Couple Digs a Hole under the House and Turns it Into an Amazing Bunker-Storage

In this article you will meet Gena and Vita, happy young couple, and they are building a house with their own hands. “We like to equip life around us with our own hands. This is how we realize ourselves as much as possible and set an excellent example for our children.”

Building a house from pallets. From start to finish

Building a house is not an easy task, as years of training are required even for professionals to master such a skill. But what about building a house from pallets? This sounds like a more doable task for amateur builders.

A resort will now be used to house homeless veterans

A new center for homeless veterans has opened recently on the Central Coast in Santa Cruz County. The resort was rented to the county’s Veteran’s Memorial Building Trustees and is located close to Highway 9, in Ben Lomond.

Best Friends Built These Tiny Homes Just to Live Next to Each Other

When you’re young, you usually want to spend all the time with your friends. As people grow up, this idea slowly fades away. For the people featured in this next story, it’s not the case. They have built their tiny houses next to each other so they can live in a friendly ...

This House Was Built Out Of 12 Shipping Containers And Both The Interior And Exterior Look Stunning

Homes built from shipping containers can be very cost-efficient, especially when you want to stay on a low budget. But who said that container homes can’t also be luxurious? This stunning New Zealand-based home was built out of 12 shipping containers and it looks breathtakingly ...

TIMELAPSE- Couple Builds House in 20 Minutes

Wild Wonderful Off-Grid youtube channel is owned by a couple from West Virginia. “After living near the city our entire lives we finally decided to sell it all, pack up our 3 kids and live in an RV on our 73 acres while we building our own debt free, off-grid house and learning to live a more self-reliant ...

Sunflower-Inspired House Moves Towards the Sun Just Like Plants Do

Keeping up with the ever-changing modern world is not easy, but architecture is always an inspiring area to look into to find inspiration and learn more about the world. Modernism architecture emphasizes the reconnection with nature and creating spaces that not only look amazing but ...

DIY Fun With Grass Seeds And Sponges

If you are looking for fun homemade projects for your kids, this next one might be a great choice. It is a little grass house that can be made at home without big costs and materials from your household. To build the house you will be using kitchen sponge and plant the grass seed ...
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