A 1970s Beachfront House Is Brought Back to Its Roots After Remodeling Mishaps

The transformation of a 1970s beachfront house on Washington’s Camano Island is a testament to the challenges and triumphs of remodeling mishaps. The mid-century architectural gem had fallen victim to previous owners’ decisions that strayed from its original design, both in layout and aesthetics. Interior designer Shannon Adamson, who led the project, faced the daunting task of peeling away decades of questionable remodels while preserving the house’s mid-century roots. Fortunately, much of the original wood paneling, stone fireplaces, beams, and planked ceilings were intact, providing a foundation for a sympathetic design approach.

Shannon’s clients, who acquired the four-bedroom beach house for three generations of family retreats, shared a love for mid-century architecture and sought a design that would embrace the waterfront location. The goal was to reintroduce the house to the water, maintaining its architectural “funkiness” while incorporating modern updates. The collaborative vision of the family made it possible to create a space that spoke to each generation, ensuring a harmonious blend of mid-century charm and contemporary comfort.

One of the project’s major challenges centered around a previously remodeled kitchen with an awkward layout, minimal storage, and no dedicated laundry space. Through careful planning and collaboration, Shannon and the clients settled on a kitchen layout that accommodated a cozy banquette for family gatherings, a custom walnut table, and essential functional elements. Additional updates were made throughout the house, addressing issues such as obstructed sea views, outdated bathrooms, and non-compliant railings. The result is a revitalized beachfront home that pays homage to its mid-century origins while meeting the needs of a modern, multigenerational family.

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