A 1970s Beachfront House Is Brought Back to Its Roots After Remodeling Mishaps

The transformation of a 1970s beachfront house on Washington’s Camano Island is a testament to the challenges and triumphs of remodeling mishaps. The mid-century architectural gem had fallen victim to previous owners’ decisions that strayed from its original design, both in ...

Artist Turns Found Stones and Shells Into Beautiful Beach Installations

Artist Jon Foreman transforms the serene beauty of the beach into captivating installations crafted from found stones, shells, and driftwood. Immersed in the meditative ambiance of the shore, Foreman draws inspiration from the tranquil setting, channeling its essence into his artwork. ...

Ultimate Outdoor Lounging: Cocoon Beach

Relaxing isn’t so simple as it was centuries ago. Modern society has developed so many ways to evade the day-to-day stress, that a plain beachfront isn’t enough for some people. Thus, designers put forth this aluminum straw-colored synthetic wire sphere lounge chair.
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