Ultimate Outdoor Lounging: Cocoon Beach


Relaxing isn’t so simple as it was centuries ago. Modern society has developed so many ways to evade the day-to-day stress, that a plain beachfront isn’t enough for some people. Thus, designers put forth this aluminum straw-colored synthetic wire sphere lounge chair. Cocoon Beach – by its less scientifically name – includes a couple of water resistant mattresses for higher comfort while sunbathing.


The 7 by 2 feet cocoon of relaxation, in which you can surround yourself in calm and a white set of curtains, is priced at 8000 $. Which makes it a must have in the fad-oriented modern world. Weighing 120 kilograms, the massive chair can be easily moved to catch the sea breeze, although it’s pretty bulky.  Live like a star and enjoy your sunny days with a modern state-of-the-art lounge. Grab a book and wait for the paparazzi to photograph your every move.






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