This Simple Boxy Home Conceals Multiple Gardens & a Light-Filled Interior Within

The Lang House, nestled in suburban Melbourne and aptly named for its Chinese translation of “pretty,” stands as a testament to innovative architectural design by Australia’s Austin Maynard Architects. At first glance, its unassuming boxy exterior might not command attention, but step inside and discover a world of intelligent spatial planning and natural luminosity. Clad in equitone cement fiber panels for durability, the exterior belies the warmth and light-filled interior that awaits within its 2,700 square feet. The layout is a masterclass in maximizing space, with concealed guest quarters featuring a versatile Murphy bed and cleverly integrated storage solutions. The heart of the home lies in its centrally positioned kitchen, seamlessly connecting to two verdant gardens that infuse the space with fresh air and daylight. Upstairs, a thoughtfully designed layout includes three bedrooms, a sunken bathtub bathroom, and a multipurpose room doubling as a playful haven for the owner’s children. This residence epitomizes the fusion of pragmatism and creativity, fulfilling the owners’ desire for a home free from traditional hallways and corridors while embracing sustainability and architectural flair.

Beyond its aesthetically pleasing facade and functional interior, The Lang House embodies a commitment to eco-conscious living. A 7-kW solar power system adorns the roof, complemented by a Huawei battery to harness and store renewable energy. The home’s orientation optimizes solar gain, utilizing winter sun to naturally warm the interior, supplemented by underfloor heating for added comfort during colder months. Embracing the future of transportation, an electric car charging hookup stands ready to power sustainable journeys. The Lang House stands as a beacon of environmentally conscious design, marrying modern comforts with responsible energy practices. Through meticulous planning and innovative solutions, Austin Maynard Architects has crafted not just a dwelling, but a sustainable sanctuary for its inhabitants to thrive within.

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