Talented man makes chairs from broken bathtub

There are lots of peculiar hobbies out there, and this next one is no exception. Showcasing both talent and great craftsmanship, a chairmaker called @AbChigz on social media is transforming old bathtubs into unique pieces of furniture.
The talented designer found his true passion while building traditional furniture pieces, such as tables and chairs, but stumbled upon some old bathtubs that have been thrown out by their owners. It is no surprise that his creations went instantly viral on the Internet, as their quirkiness and designer-piece feel have gained him a big community of followers.
He is transforming each piece in his garden, and the pictures posted on social media show before and after images of the “bathtub chairs”.
The tweet originally posted by @IamMartyMarty has gathered a staggering number of 69,000 likes and many retweets. The end products look like retro chairs, almost resembling 1960s design pieces frequently featured in classic films, such as James Bond and other spy movies

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  1. Angela says:

    Add a headrest in the two holes on the back of the one chair

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