Textured Wool Rugs Bring the Natural Pastures of Argentinian Landscapes Indoors

A modern home must have a special centerpiece, such as a designer product, a handmade décor, or anything else that might catch the eye and becomes the soul of the room.
Argentinian artist, Alexandra Kehayoglou’s designs can easily become an eye-popping element in your home, as she creates beautiful and life-like wool rugs. Her rugs resemble nature, and she recreates the Argentinian pastures and brings them closer to everyone, placing them inside homes as a décor piece. But Kehayoglou creates her pieces with multifunctionality in mind, so people can use them as rugs, blankets, or simply art that is displayed on the walls.
One of her pieces can take several months to get finished and she uses a hand-tufting technique to make the rugs resemble moss, water, and the pastures of Argentina.
Her raw materials come from her family’s rug factory in Buenos Aires, from where she collects residual materials and lets the beauty of her homeland inspire each creation.
The artist is also inspired by her Greek ancestry, namely, her Greek grandparents and some of her designs have an Ottoman-style pattern that creates a unique blend with the fluidity of the wool.

Alexandra Kehayoglou: Website | Instagram

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