The Alpod – A Futuristic Home For People On The Move


The Alpod, created by James Law Cybertecture, Aluhouse and Arup proposes a modular unit house for people who do not wish to conventionally settle down in one place. Those who love travelling, constantly getting to discover new cultures and lifestyles are the perfect candidates to acquire The Alpod. This modular construction is easily transportable, since its shell is composed of aluminum, a really light weight and strong material that adapts to different purposes and environments. A particularity of this project is its potential to accommodate an ever increasing population in the context of a lack of hospitable lands. Its modern design allows you to fill the module with fresh air and light by sliding the large doors. Furthermore, it incorporates a fully functional kitchen and bathroom with all the appliances needed in order to have a comfortable day-to-day life.

The manager director of Aluhouse, Eric Kwong, says about the materials used to build the mobile home that: “Aluminum easily adapts to different climates and environments, and its light weight also enhances mobility, allowing a home to be moved from one place to another in an easy and convenient way without dismantling or reconstructing facilities,” explains Kwong. “Moreover, aluminum can be recycled, making it a green, earth-friendly building material. in fact, today aluminum is widely used in the aerospace industry, as well as in airplanes, the next generation of automobiles, and even the latest smart phones and telecommunication products.”














developed by James Law Cybertecture & Arup

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  1. Karen says:

    Very nice!! How is it with winter weather or high winds?

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