The Happier Camper


Have you ever wanted to go on a road trip and feel as comfortable as you would in your own home? Now your dream can become reality, with this amazing tiny house on wheels, called HC1. This is more than just a simple camper, as it will offer you the comfort of a home and it has a lot of modern features. The interior is comprised of modular furniture, that can be removed and once you set up a camp, you can gather around the campfire and sit on comfortable chairs. You will also find a table and a sink inside the camper, so going camping will be much easier with this amazing vehicle. There is also enough storage space for your bikes and luggage. The outside of the HC1 has a modern and youthful design, perfect for a young adventurous couple or a group of friends. Take a look at the videos from the link for additional information about the HC1 camper.







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  1. Cindy Goodroe says:

    I’d like to know…. the range of prices. If they are eco-friendly made. The dimensions and weight.

    Oh, I’m so excited, just send anything news worthy plz.

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