The HotTug: The world’s first wood-fired hot tub that you can sail or tug(boat) that you can bathe in.


Look over there! Is it a ship? Perhaps it’s a tub? No, it’s the HotTug. This innovative device you see in the pictures is a combination of a hot tub and a motorized boat; a hot tub boat! Seating 6 people comfortably or 8 if you are willing to squeeze in together, the wood and glass-fiber reinforced polyester boat will provide lots of fun and about 2.5 hours of an awesome trip around the water. Powered by a quiet 2.4 KW built-in electric motor the HotTug is capable of offering you and your friends a nice after-noon in a warm and soothing environment. Fitted with a stainless steel stove with a double-walled pipe the hot tube boat will make any trip in the water a pleasantly warm one. With a submersible pump that gets ride of all the water used in just 20 minutes, you can be ready again for a new ride in your genius hot tub boat.




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