The Hunting Lodge by Snohetta, Norway


Norway is best known about its beautiful landscapes and breathtaking scenery. Spotted among its amazing mountains, the Hunting Lodge designed by Snohetta fits in perfectly, without creating a disruption in the landscape. The home is located near the Akrafjorden Fjord and looks as if it were a part of the scene. The moss-covered top of the lodge completes the image, by creating a perfectly integrated shape which harmonizes, in harmony with nature. The lodge is large enough for 21 persons, but it’s so isolated that can be reached only by horseback. If you are looking for some adventure in your life, but also for peace and calm, the Hunting Lodge is the place to be…

Size 35m² (20m²)






The hunting lodge is beautifully situated, alone beside a lake in the untouched mountain areas close to Åkrafjorden in the western part of Norway. It is accessible only by foot or horseback.  More details here…

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