The Little Weed Renowned For Treating Almost Everything!


Hikers have always been bothered by mosquito bites and this remedy is great for them, but also for so many others. Plantain is the go-to remedy for plagues caused by mosquitoes because it has an astringent nature which draws toxins from the body. When used, plantain should be crushed or chewed and put directly on the plague caused by bee stings, bug bites, acne, glass splinters etc. Right afterwards bandage the area and let the weed work for 4 to 12 hours in order to heal your plague.

Furthermore, plantain can also be used as a balm in an emergency kit, to generally clean your skin, as a soothing remedy for hemorrhoids, or even for the healing effect it has on the digestive system. You can use both leaves and seeds for the digestive system. If you have lung problems, coughs and colds, it is also advisable to use it. No matter which one of the 200-plus varieties of plantain you want to use, you will get the same positive results, since plantain is known for treating almost everything.


Plantain mostly grows in poor, rocky soil. You can frequently find it alongside dandelion, or growing in construction sites and gravel pits. Native Americans named it “White Man’s Foot” because they noticed that it sprung up where Europeans disrupted the soil.

Try this versatile weed and you will feel so much better afterwards!

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  1. Maria Elena Landeros says:

    El nombre de la planta no es platano sino Plantago Mayor o también es conocida en los paises de habla latina como Llantén o Lantén.
    El plátano es el árbol de Banano,y nada que ver con la planta medicinal esta.

  2. Eric says:

    Hi there! Just wanted to check in about what plantain leaves did for me.

    I was in a car accident last summer, and wound up with a lot of splintered glass. It was actually splintered into my face and chest and arms and hands. It was bleeding pretty badly, and I was in so much pain, I could barely think straight.

    Fortunately, I managed to have an accident near a cluster of plantain plants. I tore my shirt off, grabbed two big handfuls of the leaves, and crushed up the leaves pretty good to make a poultice with the rags of my shirt. I wrapped up my arms and chest first, then my hands (carefully!), then last my face… I probably looked like an extra from a cheap monster movie.

    Let me tell you, the plaintain leaves did absolutely NOTHING for my glass splinters. Nothing at all. It stung and caused incredible pain, both from the astringent juices of the plant and from the pressure on the glass splinters digging into my skin and nerves. It did not draw a single “toxin” from my body, despite the astringent nature.

    So I’m wondering… what did I do wrong?

  3. Sarah says:

    What were you expecting the plant to do? Grow hands and pull the shards out? I’m sssuming it prevented any infection to the area…

  4. Kay B. says:

    Where can get plantain to plant in containers? Can it be ordered on line?

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