The Magical Moment Between Two Sweet Owls Captured On Camera

Owls have such a majestic air around them and represent wisdom and knowledge. Nature photographers have an affinity for owls, so the Internet is full of beautiful pictures of them taken in the most unexpected moments.
This tender image was captured by Leslie Arnott who attended a Country Events and Falconry partnership and witnessed two owls snuggling in a tree.
The event focused on teaching photographs how to capture motion, or animals/birds that are moving and the owls are specially trained but left to fly freely.
When Falcon witnessed the gentle moment between the owl couple, he instantly knew that he had come across something very special. They were even rubbing heads and enjoying a quiet moment on a branch when Falcon approached them to take the pictures.
The result is a beautiful selection of pictures showing the two owls enjoying each other’s company, and graciously posing for the camera.

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