The Narrowest 9-storey Residence In The World


Lack of space is a main issue when it comes to contemporary design and ideas that help you save space in an ingeniouse way are much appreciated. This next residence, puts those above in practice, by having a skinny design. It was created by the IV Department and is called AIR-madalena and is one of the narrowest structures ever. The building can be found in Sao Paulo, Brazil and was ready in no more than 24 months. The AIR-madalena is comprised of 6 apartments and their sizes vary from 100 to 140 square meters. One of the best features of the building is it’s great view on the city, but the brightess of each interior has to be mentioned too. The tall building watches over the city of Sao Paulo, while the owners enjoy a comfortable and stylish living inside the narrow walls. Space is saved in a very creative way, showing us that not every design has to be big and impressive in order to be remembered.







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