The Toybox Home


A home on a wheel is the perfect residence for those who like to travel have a great sense of adventure. By buying such a home, you can practically change your residence whenever you get tired and travel in anywhere. So take a look at this cute and colorful tiny house on wheels that has 140 square feet, which makes it more spacious than it would appear at a first glance. It has a cozy living area that can be transformed into a dining space, a great kitchenette, a cozy bathroom and an upstairs bedroom. This tiny house on wheels is just like a home, but more flexible and adaptable. Check out the gallery below and tell us what you think about tiny houses on wheels. (20 photos)…

Exterior dimensions:
8’W x 21’L x 13’4″H
Interior dimensions:
7’4″W x20’L x11’H (147 SF)
Loft dimensions:
7’4″W x 6’8″L x 4’6″H (49 SF)



Interior Desing



Kitchen Design

A stainless steel counter (2’x7′) and painted base cabinet maximize space while housing the functional elements needed to prepare meals. A cylindrical stainless steel sink (18″dia.) and low-flow marine faucet allow food preparation and dish washing.






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  1. Zee says:

    Beautiful !! Where can I get that black bordered glass rack (below kitchen window) that holds host of pantry item (beans, flours). I really want that one.

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