The World’s Largest Intact Ancient Mosaic

Mosaic floors are true treasures and many stand the test of time and hide inside majestic buildings all over the world. There are a lot of mosaic floors which have been built in ancient times, and a lot of them can be found in the Mediterranean area and the Near East.
Many of these which still exist today have been excavated by archaeologists in Turkey, and in 2010 they uncovered a very special mosaic in Antakya. While excavating the foundation of a new hotel that was going to be built, workers found a stunning mosaic of 9,000 square feet.
Never before was such a large intact mosaic excavated in any part of the world, and its intricate geometric design marveled the scientists. The mosaic is thought to have been part of a large building in ancient Antioch, which was also a large and thriving ancient trade center. With the uncovering of the mosaic, the plans for the hotel had to be changed a bit, and the site became a museum hotel.
The mosaic floor was covered by architects who redesigned the hotel building, but it can still be visited by the guests of the hotel. The hotel was named The Museum Hotel Antakya and the mosaic floor is one of the city’s top attractions now.

An ancient mosaic is the largest intact example ever excavated; it is located in Antakya, Turkey.

The floor likely belonged to a public building in ancient Antioch, a city at the friction point of empires throughout history

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