These Amazing Human Sculptures Disappear When You Look at Them From Certain Angles

Sculptor Julian Voss-Andreae makes sculptures that defy the laws of physics and conventions. The artist, who has a degree in quantum physics views sculpture as an integrated part of the universe and uses this medium to test the laws of nature and science.
His sculptures, representing human figures are only visible from a certain angle, but when seen from another one they disappear and blend with nature.
Voss is trying to emphasize this way that no matter what we do as humans, we cannot break apart from nature and separate ourselves. Voss blends the theories of quantum mechanics with his work and brings together all the atoms and forces to build his artistic universe.

His large human-shaped sculptures are made from parallel sheets of thin metal and when light penetrates between each sheet, the sculpture disappears.
Since science is a big part of his work, other iconic pieces feature bronze sculptures of RNA and DNA and Carbon-60 molecules. You can visit his website to learn more about his work and the philosophy behind each carefully crafted sculpture.


Sculptor and physicist Julian Voss-Andreae crafts disappearing sculptures of metal which—as you move around them—melt into the environment.

The human forms are composed of parallel metal sheets cut strategically.

Voss-Andreae explores the paradigms which are classically accepted, and why those paradigms must shift to deal with the problems (and possibilities) of the future.

The artist’s other work also draws from scientific concepts, including DNA, RNA, and antibodies.

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