They Did Everything Possible To Save The Tree At Their Home


Sometimes nature can come in the way of building your dream home, especially when there is a tree or a group of trees in the middle of your land. But have thought about saving that tree and incorporating it into the design? Seems like this is becoming a real trend now, but it also represents an ecological type of design and the results are stunning. Below you will find a selection of 25 images that will inspire you in your own project and are all examples of great designs that harmonize with nature. A tree in the middle of your home or deck can give a very unique and eclectic look to your home and the feeling that you managed to save a tree’s life is amazing…



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  1. elwnyc says:

    I love the concept, though I think #17 might be more a prop than a living tree. I wonder about some of the others, though – have the homeowners planned for the growth of the tree? How does the tree get enough water when it’s surrounded by the deck or patio?

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