This Amazing Aquarium Brings the Ocean Into the Kitchen


Look at this unique aquarium under the kitchen top which effortlessly lifts just with the press of a button. This kitchen designed by a Dutch company has a really amazing design. Apart from being a one of a kind design object, it is surprisingly functional. Seemingly an oversized aquarium, the intelligent L-shape hides generous space for storage and equipment.





This Robert Kolenik state of the art masterpiece is available in a limited edition.

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  1. Steven Post says:


  2. Steven Post says:

    The only issue is that the fish would be subject to noises and movement surrounding the aquarium. Fish normally like to have a quiet, stable environment. The fish would survive but may not live as long, due to a stressful environment.

    It’s still a great idea.

  3. Gracy Picheco says:

    It could be used as a terrarium also.

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