This Futuristic Camping Trailer Rotates Around To Reveal Huge Party Deck

This futuristic camping trailer will simply blow your mind and change the way you see outdoor activities forever. It is an amazing camper, that rotates and can be transformed into a party deck for you and your group of friends.
The camper is called Romotow and looks more like a high-tech luxury apartment rather than a regular camper. It can be attached to your car, transported to any place, and with the push of a button the camper will fold and transform into a deck/outdoor party place.
The deck is covered by the rooftop of the camper and offers direct access to the indoor space.
The first concept of Romotow took shape in 2012 at W2, an architecture studio from New Zealand, and the first version was built by their design team.
They are now working on finishing the prototypes and you can follow them on Facebook for more developments and news. What makes the camper look so futuristic are its shape and design elements, such as circular windows and rounded edges.

To give you some more insights about Romotow, it is 30 feet long and 8.5 feet wide and has a total of 290 square feet of living space, just enough space for 4 adults.
The camper does not come cheap, though, as its starting price will be $350,000 but you can look at it more like an investment into a luxury apartment and not a simple camper.



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