This Historic Ship Reclaimed By Nature Has a Second Life

Small forest growing on a shipwreck in the Pacific Northwest

Nature has its way to reclaim its space and when humans interfere, it always finds a way to make space for itself. This historic ship is located in Washington State and a forest started blooming on its surface, covering it with lush green trees.
The shipwreck can be found in Anacortes and is named La Merced, and has been in the same place since 1966. In 1990, the ship became a part of the National Historic Register and is regarded as a historic maritime piece, although it was originally sold for salvage. When it was brought to Lovric’s Shipyard, its masts, propellers, and engine were all removed and sold for pieces.
Even though the ship stayed in the same place for years and was used as a breakwater by the shipyard’s owner, it is still in good condition and nicely preserved.
The ship is a guardian of the marina and shelters it from the waves, and left a lot of space for nature to manifest itself and cover it in green. It is only natural, that this unique place became a favorite spot for many photographers, who wish to take one-of-a-kind pictures, and it is featured in a lot of posts on social media.

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