This House is Made From Over 100 Salvaged Car Roofs


Located in Berkeley, California, the beautiful modern home you see in the photos was actually raised using a lot of car parts. Architect Karl Wanaselja, together with his wife, Cate Leger, were set on reusing any material they could fit into their dream home project. For instance, they didn’t stop at car roofs and side windows, but went on to involve poplat bark (a waste product of the furniture industry) for siding the lower half of the house, as well as using salvaged redwood for the exterior. Measuring only 14 feet wide on the ends, the total space of the home made out of car parts is 1,140 square feet, with 700 square feet on the ground floor. The passion for this method continued for the couple and they managed to raise a car part shed in the backyard right aside to the architecture studio made out of shipping containers. That’s real dedication and inspiration!







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