This Stunning Home Is Built Into A Cliff Above The Sea

The concept of Casa Brutale is not for the faint-hearted, as the house is set on the edge of a cliff, facing the Aegean Sea. The masterminds behind the project are the people from OPA (Open Platform for Architecture) and its modern layout is enclosed in a cliff, isolating it from the outside world.
The only areas that can be seen from the outside are the house’s swimming pool and the steps displayed on the front. The downstairs area hosts the living space that is surrounded by stunning glass which offers an impressive view towards the outside world. All the decor elements are clean and minimal, so nothing destabilizes the look of Casa Brutale and celebrates its rawness.
The finishings are all concrete and aged wood and create a beautiful blend with the wilderness surrounding the house. The front and the top swimming pool serve as natural sources of sunlight and the infinity-pool truly creates the feeling of endlessness and being one with the Aegean Sea.
Even though Casa Brutale is just at the idea and prototype phase, it makes you wonder how it would be to wake up every day in such an out-of-this-world mansion.

OPA: Website

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  1. Cynthia huber says:

    A grand natural wonder that took my breath away.

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