This Tiny House Community Feels Like Living In A Small Village

This tiny house community in Bend, Oregon looks like the perfect place to live. The community was designed by Jesse Russel from Hiatus Homes and is a small village comprised of 22 homes. The houses resemble vacation homes but can be used as a permanent residence and they are connected by pathways and shared common spaces such as planters, ponds, and fire pits.

The village is a self-sufficient one, as each home has a solar panel installed on top of it and there is even a bike garage to encourage a healthy lifestyle. The front deck that comes with each house, is the ideal place to spend quality time with friends or simply enjoy the surroundings.
Each house features a large open living room and kitchen and an upstairs bathroom and bedroom.
The house comes fully equipped and with plenty of clever storage units, such as under the stairs storage spaces so you can have plenty of free living space without feeling too crowded.
To learn more about this amazing tiny house community, watch the video tour uploaded by Tiny House Expedition.

5 Responses to “This Tiny House Community Feels Like Living In A Small Village”

  1. Ruahann Benn says:

    Love the whole concept, would like to live there.

  2. patricia a ryan says:

    its lovely,its perfect, it has everything you would need. the village is lovely too, good for security incase seniors live there.

  3. Hilda says:

    Hi how much do the tiny houses cost
    Do you have banks for financing
    Or can one pay monthly payments to pay the cost of the tiny hoise

  4. Sande White says:

    what’s the cost to live there.. am 80 and would love it — but doubt i can afford on SS only…

  5. Annie Yocum says:

    love the concept and the houses look great – note: seniors don’t like climbing stairs to go to bed – think getting up at night to go pee. Also think about handicap access. The pegboard is functional and uses the space wisely but for me is visually unappealing – I think other design ideas should have been explored.

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