Tiny Birds That Look Like Flying Cotton Balls Live On Japanese Island

Japan is home to a lot of interesting things, from sushi to cherry blossom trees and unique-looking birds. It is a must-visit destination, at least once in a lifetime, as it is vibrant with tradition and interesting places.

If you happen to plan a visit to Japan, Hokkaido island should be on your list thanks to its volcanic rocks and not only. Besides the beautiful scenery, the island is also home to a tiny bird species that look like flying cotton-candy balls.
This specific type of bird, called Shima-enaga can only be found in this region of Japan and they are long-tailed tit birds with tiny black eyes.

At first glance, these birds look like tiny toys and other closely relates species can be found in various places of Europe and Asia, but the white and fluffy ones are specific to this area.
Hokkaido island is well-known for its national parks and its high number of bird populations, but the park is rich in other wildlife too and all the animals living there are accustomed to tourists.

The Shima-enaga birds don’t like cold areas, so to prepare for the colder season, they require access to energy-rich food. They reach a size of 13-15 cm in adulthood and weight of 7-9 grams.
They also live in large flocks as they tend to live a communal life, so you will most probably see them sitting in large groups.


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