Tiny Hedgehog Goes Camping With His Tiny Equipment, And The Photos Are Adorable

Animal photos which tell a story have become very popular on social media and lots of pet are now Internet sensations.

This tiny adorable hedgehog is called Azuki and has taken Instagram, by storm thank to all the cute photos which illustrate him all sorts of day-to-day situations.

Azuki is a pygmy hedgehog and appears in photoshoots while being dressed up, sporting adorable hats, or going on camping trips with his tiny camping equipment.

According to the latest pictures, Azuki had a blast on a camping trip, where he cooked, relaxed, and even went canoeing. The pictures speak for themselves and if you want to follow the adventures of Azuki, just click follow on his Instagram account and get your daily dose of cuteness.

hedgehog_azuki on Instagram

8 Responses to “Tiny Hedgehog Goes Camping With His Tiny Equipment, And The Photos Are Adorable”

  1. Peggy Parr says:

    Love this! Where did you get all of those tiny pieces?

  2. Jim says:

    Cool critter . Kudos to his / her support team.

  3. MicheleLathrop says:

    Aww!! This is too sweet!! He’s just adorable!! Love all of his tiny equipment too!!

  4. Alexis says:

    Where did you find the camping gear?

  5. Robert R Bloor says:

    HAHAHA !

  6. April says:

    His has made my whole year..was feeling very sad as supposed to be camping this wknd..but can’t due to lockdown..this has cheered me up loads…
    Amazing work!

  7. Rosey says:

    Too cute

  8. Vanessa says:

    WAKE UP GUYS, WILD ANIMALS ARN’T TOYS, THIS IS NOT CUTE, THIS IS CAPTIVITY, THIS IS NIGHTMARE AND UNRESPECTFUL FOR ANIMAL. Hedgehog are most of the time sleeping during the day, and hunting by night, not kayaking or cooking plastic bullshit. Making this kind of pictures or enjoying them is so selfish. please if you love animals, leave them alone and wild….

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