Tiny Ramp For Your Pool That Helps Save Animals From Drowning

This pool accessory is such a great idea and one that will help you do good to other living beings. If you have a pool you probably found lots of tiny dead critters that have drowned in your pool and it’s not a pleasant sight or thought.

To avoid this from ever happening again, Froglog is a tiny pool ramp which can come in handy in saving any small animal that might wander around your pool.
So if frogs, lizards, squirrels, ducklings happen to want to take a bath in your pool at night, you can wake up without feeling nervous about what you’ll find inside your pool.
Froglog will serve as a ramp and every small animal getting inside your pool will be able to get out easily. The reviews left by those who purchased the product are very good and many have managed to save tiny creatures from drowning by investing in the Froglog.

It is very easy to set up and costs only $15 so it is a great investment for both you and any small visitors that might stumble into your garden. This is available in the link below…



We have had this in the pool all summer and have had no critters lost. Normally there were 2 or 3 frogs a week, but none this year. It helps all kinds of animals. My wife took this picture of a baby rabbit it saved today. We lifted it out and it hopped away. Great product.

Find it HERE…

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