Tipi Modular Shelving System


You might think a traveler can not be bound to or described by a specific room or design of a room. That means you haven’t seen this tipi modular shelving! Without evoking any kitsch approach, designer Asaf Israel has hit the jackpot. Slick and creative, the modular shelving system is not only perfect for your home, but also in a public space, because it is suitable as a open wardrobe, bookcase, or desk. Made from Birch plywood and traditionally handmade African baskets, from a special type of grass, the design was thought to be so basic, that you can disassemble with much ease and rebuild it in no time; just like you be compelled to when travelling a lot. The neat detail of the structure lies in its tipi poles. Each shelf has specific measured holes which allow the shelves to stand at a precise height, without any other effort or setting from your part. The upper side of the poles is fixed with screws, carefully hidden by strings, so you can position them without being afraid they will loose their stability. A piece of furniture like this one will surely pop in your home and will instantly arise a spirit of adventure! Try it and you will know what we mean.








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